If you become a  lost sheep on your way to church trying to follow the instructions given below please call the church at 080-4527-3464 and we will give you further instructions or send someone out to meet you.
By public transportation:
From Imaike Station on the Higashiyama or Sakuradori subway lines (about a 5 minute walk):
  • Take exit #9 and continue walking south along the west side of the street.  After passing through the stoplight, at the next street turn right (west) just after you pass the restaurant with the giant crab on the front of it.  As you approach the next intersection the church will be on your left (south). At the intersection turn left (south) and the entrance to the church will be on your left (east).
From Chikusa Station on the JR Central Line or subway Higashiyama  Line (about a 15 minute walk):
  • Cross to the south side of  Hirokojidori Street.  Head east and when you get to the 3rd stop light at the intersection called Imaike nishi (West Imaike) turn right (south). Pass through 8 intersections (some going right and some going left) and the church entrance will be on your left(east).
  • This is not the shortest route to the church from Chikusa station, but it is the easiest to give instructions to.  The shortest route would be to zig-zag through the streets in the neighborhood south of Hirokojidori street and east of Chikusa station,  cutting diagonally through Imaike Park. But you might get lost, so it might be best to initially follow the above instructions.
By car:  
Due to all the one way streets around the church it is easiest to reach the church by car by turning south on Hirokojidori Street at the stop light just west of Imaike intersection called Imaike nishi (West Imaike).  Then head south along a one-way street and after passing through 8 intersections (some going right and some going left) the church entrance will be on your left(east).  There are 4 parking spots outside the church entrance and about 10 more inside the preschool playground just south of the church.  If those are full there are about a dozen paid parking spots just across the street (west) from the church entrance.