Mission Statement:

To provide a weekly opportunity for

spiritual refreshment, reflection and  renewal

 for the English speaking  community in Nagoya.

Life in Japan is busy, intense and interesting.  We believe that Christians should be immersed in the society and networks into which we have placed.  But in the midst of the many opportunities we have to experience a different culture and connections, we need a few moments on a regular basis to stimulate our spiritual senses, have our hearts honed, and minds triggered to think profound thoughts about God, his love for us, and our place in HIS world.  All Saints seeks to provide that opportunity.

In the midst of our busy lives in Japan it is good to have moments for renewal and reflection. All Saints aims to provide opportunities for spiritual refreshment and personal reflection for the International Community of  Greater Nagoya. Our times of worship draw on the liturgical rhythm of the Revised Common Lectionary (as used by Lutheran,  Anglican and other mainstream churches) along with contemporary worship and relevant Bible Teaching.   The congregation is comprised of people from various traditions and cultures.  We invite you to join us. 


Nagoya All Saints International Church is an English-speaking inter-denominational congregation in Nagoya, Japan who gather in worship to praise and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.   Formerly called Meito Christ International Church, All Saints  is a congregation that seeks to serve Expats, International Families, Students and English Speaking Japanese.   All Saints, (formerly known as Meito Church)  has been worshipping for over 15 years and has recently moved from Fujigaoka to Imaike at the invitation of the Lutheran Churches of Nagoya. We desire to share in our faith, life, actions and worship the good news of Jesus Christ to all.  Blending the Liturgical Rhythm provided by the revised Common Lectionary, with contemporary worship material and practical and thoughtful teaching, All Saints is an ideal place for individuals and families who seek to have a place of reflection and renewal.


All Saints, is an interdenominational congregation  in partnership with a local Japanese congregation: Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church and the Tokai district of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC).

Although Lutheran in past and present partnership, from its inception, All Saints has been and continues to be an international and inter-denominational place where all Christians are welcome to worship and grow together in Christian faith.  Because of our inter-denominational Christian Protestant background, we respect personal conscience and how it may dictate how much a person participates in our fellowship.

All Saints  Congregational Organization:

We have a simple organizational structure for the smooth operation of our worship.  There is a Ministry Team  which includes two elected positions, President and Treasurer.  In addition to these positions, other members are added to the team including: the pastoral leader.   The current Ministry Team is comprised of : Chuck Sandy/ President, Byron Peterson / Treasurer, Jon VonFarowe and Chuck Sandy/ Pastoral Leaders, Allen Williams/ Music Director. ( See the Staff Page to find out more).

The Community and Location:

Our home is in Imaike just a few minutes walk from Imaike Subway Station and Chikusa JR station.  building provided by our partner, Nagoya-Kibo Lutheran Church.

Nagoya has an excellent public transportation system and well maintained transportation infrastructure which is continuously expanding and improving.

Nagoya is Japan’s fourth largest city and third largest metropolitan area after the Kanto (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka) regions.  The greater Nagoya area is home to approximately 3 million inhabitants of which approximately 5,000 are native English speakers.  Also it is home to international corporations such as ToyotaBrother, and many other firms involved with the automotive and aerospace industries including Boeing.    Several international schools serve the Nagoya English-speaking population and two in particular, Nagoya International School and International Christian Academy of Nagoya, have a long relationship with attendees of MCIC.


We receive a weekly offering, of which 10% is given to various charitable organizations on a rotating monthly basis or as needs arise.  The criteria we use for the charitable organizations are that they serve human needs, have a history of service and are regularly audited.  We generally avoid those organizations with strong particular Christian affiliations simply because we draw from a cross section of Christian experiences and denominations.  However we have supported a variety of Christian based organizations.